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Underarm Hair Removal

While Underarm Hair Removal has been popular for women for quite some time, more and more men are also removing their underarm hair.  Hair located on several places of the face and body has been deemed socially unacceptable.   In many countries throughout the world, women remove underarm hair because it is considered the social norm and men remove underarm hair for their own specific reasons as well.  There are several methods of hair removal that can effectively remove hair from the underarm area.  Based on your individual lifestyle and reasons for removing the hair, some methods may be more effective than others.  Research will help you to decide which method best suits your needs.

Shaving:  shaving is great for removing unwanted underarm hair because it is quick and easy.  However, shaving underarm hair on a daily basis can eventually affect the sensitive skin in the underarm area.  Many men and women experience razor bumps and burn, irritation and even ingrown hairs.  While this method is fast and convenient, over time it can truly affect the skin.

Waxing:  some men and women do wax underarm hair, but it is not as popular as waxing other areas of the body.  The skin in the underarm area is very sensitive and waxing can have a negative effect.  Waxing does remove hair from its root, therefore results last longer than shaving, but many will opt to go a different route when removing underarm hair.

Tweezing:  tweezing is a very effective form of hair removal but it is rarely used for Underarm Hair Removal.  Tweezing, like waxing, removes hair from its root, but tweezing involves removing one hair at a time, a task that can be very painful and very time consuming.  Tweezing is most often used to remove errant strands and hair in small areas.

Electrolysis:  if you are looking for a more permanent method of Underarm Hair Removal, electrolysis is a great option.  Smaller areas like the underarms do not take long to treat and patients can see permanent removal results.  Electrolysis is a weakening process so it takes time to see complete removal, but once your treatments are complete, patients can experience freedom from unwanted underarm hair.

Laser Hair Removal:  laser treatments are one of the safest and most effective treatments for removing hair from the underarms or any are of the face or body.  While laser hair removal cannot guarantee 100% hair removal, patients see such a significant reduction that all they are left with is baby soft, fine peach fuzz that can’t be noticed anyway.  Laser treatments provide permanent reduction results much faster than electrolysis and are less painful and less time consuming.  For effective results that last, consider laser treatment for Underarm Hair Removal.

Removing hair from the underarm area has been practiced by men and women for quite some time.  Everyone reacts differently to different methods of hair removal, so research can help you to discover which method will help you to sustain the hair free results you are looking for.  Whether temporary or permanent, many of these methods can help you achieve your hair free goals.

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