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Hair Removal Solutions

Hair Removal is a very common concept for most men and women because let’s face it: we all have pesky, annoying unwanted hair that can greatly hinder our everyday lives.  Because of this, over the years multiple hair removal methods have been developed that help individuals to remove their unwanted hair; while some are temporary, others are permanent.  The key is to research each method in order to discover which will best suit your individual needs.  Only then can you experience the hair free results that will best fit your lifestyle.

Types of Hair Removal

There are several different types of hair removal available to consumers today.  Before choosing a method, it is important to research each method in order to decide which will best suit your needs.  While some are content with utilizing temporary methods, others are looking for a more permanent solution.  Here are the current methods available for the removal of unwanted hair.

Shaving:  the oldest and most widely used temporary hair removal method is shaving.  Shaving involves passing a razor over the surface of the skin in order to remove visible unwanted hair.  While shaving is quick, easy and convenient, it only removes hair from the surface of the skin, therefore unwanted hair can grow back anywhere from a few hours to a few days later.

Waxing:  another widely used temporary Hair Removal method is waxing.  Waxing involves spreading a wax substance over the area where unwanted hair resides.  The wax substance is then covered with a cloth that pulls the wax and the unwanted hair from the area.  Waxing does have longer lasting results than shaving because the hair is being removed at the follicle level, however it can cause redness and irritation in the treatment area.

Tweezing:  tweezing or plucking is another form of hair removal widely used.  Tweezing is similar to waxing in that the hair is removed at the follicle level, however it differs in that tweezing only treats one hair follicle at a time (waxing can treat a large area).  While tweezing can clean up smaller areas of the face and body, it can cause irritation and ingrown hairs if performed incorrectly.

Electrolysis:  electrolysis is the first and only method of hair removal that can be considered 100% permanent.  Electrolysis involves inserting a tiny surgical probe, called an epilator, into each individual hair follicle.  The probe sends an electrical current directly to the hair follicle.  The current destroys the follicle and renders it inactive.  Once a hair is effectively treated, it will no longer grow.  While electrolysis does provide fantastic results, the procedure can take a long time to complete, in some cases years. 

Laser Hair Removal:  laser hair removal is the newest hair removal option to hit the market and can effectively reduce and in some cases, completely remove any and all unwanted hair.  This treatment utilizes laser light; the laser is passed over the treatment area and the light passes through the outer layers of skin and into the hair follicles below.  The light energy is converted into heat which effectively destroys actively growing hair follicles, the result: permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Finding the right Hair Removal treatment can be a difficult task, but once you do, you’ll finally be able to live your life without worrying about pesky, unwanted hair.

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