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Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair Removal is just one of the many hair removal areas that men and women strive to keep up on.  We all have unwanted hair; society and personal preference often dictate where hair should and shouldn’t be, because of this, there is much debate over the pubic area.  Removing hair from the pubic area is different for many individuals than removing hair from other areas of the body.  Pubic Hair Removal is a personal thing, therefore men and women have several options to choose from regarding their hair removal in the pubic area.

Shaving:  Shaving is always a good option for pubic hair removal because it is easy, convenient and can be done in the privacy of your own home.  While shaving is quick and simple, the size and width of the razor make it harder to remove an exact amount of hair.  Also, shaving must be performed on almost a daily basis in order to keep the area smooth and hair free.  The sensitive skin in the pubic area often become irritated with constant shaving, redness, bumps and ingrown hairs are often experienced.

Waxing:  Waxing is another form of Pubic Hair Removal.  Individuals have two options when it comes to waxing:  you can visit a salon, or use an at home waxing kit.  While at home waxing is convenient for some body areas, trying to wax the hair in the bikini area can prove to be very difficult.  Getting a professional bikini wax will allow you to choose exactly what hair to take off and what hair to leave, but with a salon wax, you no longer have the privacy that many people want when it comes to pubic hair removal.

Tweezing:  Oftentimes individuals will utilize tweezers to remove unwanted hair.  While this method works for smaller areas like areas on the face, tweezing bikini hair can be time consuming and very painful.  Tweezers are great for removing errant strands of hair, but to fully remove pubic hair, there are much better options available.

Electrolysis:  Electrolysis is a great Pubic Hair Removal option because it allows individuals to have their hair removed permanently.  Electrolysis is a weakening process, so several treatments will be needed to see effective results.  Treatment times will vary based on how much hair you are looking to remove but most treatments will last about an hour.  Electrolysis, like tweezing, can be tedious for an area like the pubic area because there are so many hairs.  Each hair must be treated individually so for those pressed for time, another option may be better.

Laser Hair Removal:  For those looking for a fast, effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair in the pubic area, laser hair removal is a great option.  The laser procedure can treat unwanted pubic hair much faster than Electrolysis and can get patients permanent hair reduction results.  Laser also reduces the redness, irritation and ingrown hairs often caused by shaving and waxing.

There are several Pubic Hair Removal options available to consumers; thorough research will help you to find the option that suits your particular needs.

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