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In the last century or more, Shaving has become the primary method of removing unwanted hair. Shaving dates back to the caveman and in many cultures was and is a mark of distinction.  Even as long ago as the Roman Empire; men removed their facial hair to show that they were civilized and well groomed; Greek women removed body hair as a sign of beauty and importance.  Even in modern day times, unwanted facial or body hair is commonly perceived as a sign of laziness and disorder.  Fad and fashion has created a society that frowns at excessive facial and body hair—so shaving is a great way to keep yourself well groomed.

The Method Men Use Most

While cosmetics have always fallen in a woman’s realm, shaving is one of those cosmetic tasks that men have adapted to as well.  While men do remove hair from most surfaces of their face and body, beard hair removal is by far the most popular.  Over the years many razors and shaving lotions and creams have been developed that allow men to have a clean, comfortable shave.

There are many other cosmetic products that also target the male gender on the market today. In the past, it may have been considered unmanly to make too much of a fuss when it came too personal grooming. But these days, both men and women realize the positive results that you get from a decent cosmetic routine.

Women Do It Too

While beard hair removal is very popular for men, there are many areas of the body that women shave as well.  The most popular areas for women to remove hair from are the legs, underarms and bikini area.  While legs are relatively simple for the removal of unwanted hair, it can be tough to shave areas like the underarms and bikini line because the skin in these areas is so sensitive.  Technology has developed advanced products that help men and women get smooth, hair free results without any negative side effects.

Shaving Products

Apart from manual razors, which can be bought as disposable or refillable, there are a wide variety of electrical and battery operated razors that can help men and women get a better shave. Most of these devices still function in the traditional fashion; by this, it means they still make use of very sharp blades for hair removal.

In addition to razors, there are several different types and brands of shaving creams, shaving lotions and aftershave on the market that help to soothe and protect the skin both before and after shaving.  Now, more than ever before, men and women can get a close, comfortable shave with less risk of nicks, cuts, redness, razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Choosing Which Option Works Best

Innovative technological advancements have brought about several other options for removing unwanted hair; Shaving is just one option available to consumers.  Both temporary and permanent hair removal options exist, so it is up to each consumer to do adequate research in order to determine which hair removal option will achieve desired results.  While other options may remove hair for a longer period of time, shaving a safe, effective way to remove unwanted hair quickly and with smooth, hair free results.

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