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Permanent Hair Removal

As removing unwanted hair continues to increase in popularity, Permanent Hair Removal is something that more and more individuals are searching for.  When doing research, individuals will discover that there are several hair removal methods that can help to decrease the outward appearance of unwanted hair; however, there are only two that can claim to be permanent.  For individuals looking to remove unwanted hair with permanent results, the two best options to consider are Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal.


Electrolysis is the first and only method of Permanent Hair Removal that can remove 100% of hair with permanent results.  While many patients are excited to see that they can remove all of their unwanted hair for good, it’s important to understand all the aspects of this treatment before beginning your sessions.  Electrolysis is a process by which a tiny surgical-like probe called an epilator is inserted into each individual hair follicle that resides in the treatment area.  The epilator sends an electrical current down to the bulb of the hair follicle.  This electrical current effectively destroys the hair follicle which renders it inactive.

While the concept of this treatment is very simple and straightforward, the completion of this treatment can become very involved.  Because each hair follicle has to be treated individually, treatments may require extended periods of time (a full back can take up to two hours).  Electrolysis is also a weakening process.  This means that a large number of treatments are needed in order to treat all hair follicles with 100% results.  To effectively remove all hair in any given area, treatments can take years to complete.  While the procedure can be tedious and long lasting, when the procedure is complete, individuals will be left with smooth, hair free skin that lasts.

Laser Hair Removal

The newest method of hair removal to hit the market is Laser Hair Removal.  Laser Hair Removal is a revolutionary new way to remove unwanted hair on the face and body.  Individuals can undergo a series of treatments in order to see a permanent reduction in hair.  The laser treatment works by targeting actively growing hair follicles with concentrated laser light.  The laser is passed over the treatment area; the light is attracted to the pigment within the hair follicles.  When the light reaches the pigmented follicles, the energy is transformed into heat which ultimately disables actively growing hair.  Only about 15 to 20% of hair is actively growing at any given time, so multiple treatments are needed to see effective results.

While many have claimed that Laser Hair Removal can permanently remove unwanted hair, this simply isn’t true.  This procedure is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal.  Oftentimes individuals will see permanent results, but these cannot be guaranteed.  Most individuals will see at least an 85% reduction in unwanted hair, and any hair that does grow back will be finer, thinner, lighter: less noticeable.

Combining Treatments

Many times patients will start by undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments and will then finish with Electrolysis.  Laser Hair Removal can effectively treat the majority of unwanted hair and Electrolysis can take care of the rest.  For permanent results, these are the two treatments that will allow all individuals to lead hair free lives.

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