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Body Waxing

Body Waxing is one method that men and women use to remove unwanted hair on the face and body.  While shaving is a very popular method of hair removal, waxing has replaced shaving for larger, harder to reach areas of the body.  Waxing is also used by men and women for easy to reach places who want longer lasting hair free results.  While shaving results last for a few days, waxing results can last for weeks.

Waxing is a very simple procedure; during treatment, a warm wax will be spread over the area being treated.  A strip of paper or cloth will then be placed over the wax.  Once it cools, the strip is then abruptly removed taking the wax and unwanted hair with it.  Because waxing removes hair from the hair follicle, unlike shaving that only removes hair from the surface of the skin, results last much longer.  Hair free periods can last from a few weeks to about a month.

Treatment Areas

Waxing is a popular method for removal of hair in several different areas.  While both men and women remove unwanted hair, more often than not, men and women will target different areas for complete hair removal.

Men:  while men remove hair from all areas of the face and body, when waxing, they will most often target the chest, abs, back, shoulders and bikini area.  Some of these areas are hard to reach with a razor and others are too large to treat with hair removal alternatives.

Women:  when undergoing waxing treatments, women will most often target the legs, bikini area, underarms and upper lip.  The bikini area is by far the most popular area to have treated; the brazilian wax is something that many women continually undergo.

The advantage of Body Waxing is that hair can be removed quickly and easily with long lasting results. It is a safe natural method that gives men and women the hair free results they desire.

At Home Waxing

While some men and women visit the salon to get waxed, others have taken to the at home waxing method.  Waxing at home is performed using either waxing kits or home made wax remedies.  While this Body Waxing method has become increasingly popular, it leaves more room for error than simply visiting a salon.  Waxing at home is also somewhat limited unless you have someone to help you because some areas of the body are difficult to reach on your own.  When performing the treatment, wax should be applied thinly and evenly for the best results.  Commercially available waxing kits will come with detailed instructions and carefully following all of the instructions will result in better hair removal.

While waxing is a hair removal method that is used by many individuals, not everyone should undergo this treatment.  Waxing is not recommended for sufferers of diabetes, people who have varicose veins, are sunburned or have warts and pimples in the treatment area.  For an inexpensive hair removal alternative that provides long lasting results, Body Waxing is a great way to be hair free.
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