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Facial Hair Removal

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Facial Hair Removal is popular for both men and women.  We all have unwanted hair; unfortunately unwanted hair on the face can be much more apparent than unwanted hair anywhere else.  Because of this, there are several methods of hair removal that can help both men and women get rid of unwanted facial hair.  Depending on the situation and the results you are looking for, some individuals may benefit from temporary hair removal methods while others may want to get rid of their unwanted hair for good.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Temporary hair removal methods are easy and convenient for removing unwanted facial hair.  Depending on the area of the face you are removing hair from; some methods may work better than others.  The three most common temporary hair removal methods used by men and women are shaving, waxing and tweezing.  Shaving is by far the most commonly used method of hair removal, and razors are something that many men use on a daily basis.  Men looking for a fresh, clean appearance, beard hair can be quite an annoyance.  Shaving beard hair on a daily basis can give you smooth, hair free skin, but often that also comes with redness, razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs.  Shaving is a convenient method of Facial Hair Removal, but it comes with many unpleasant side effects.

Waxing facial hair is done more often by women than men.  Women will oftentimes wax their eyebrows, upper lip, chin or any other are of the face where unwanted hair may be.  While it is socially acceptable for men to have facial hair, facial hair on women is not widely accepted.  Shaving facial hair for women is one option, but waxing removes the hair and keeps it away longer.  For those women not wanting to spend time and money on waxing, using tweezers to remove pesky facial hair is also very common.  Tweezing removes only one hair follicle at a time, but tweezers allow women to remove the hair they want gone and leave the hair they want left.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair Removal can be a daunting task for some.  Having to shave on a daily basis always leaves you worried about whether or not the hair is visible.  For those that believe temporary methods simply don’t hold up, there are a few more permanent methods that can help remove unwanted facial hair for good; these include Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal.  Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal that involves the insertion of a probe-like device called an epilator into each individual hair follicle.  The epilator sends an electrical impulse down to the root of the hair that effectively destroys the hair, hindering re-growth.  This method, while it only treats one hair at a time, is effective for hair removal because the areas of the face are smaller than some areas of the body.

For those who want remove hair quickly and efficiently, Laser Hair Removal is the procedure for you.  A series of treatments will effectively reduce unwanted hair permanently.  The laser is passed over the treatment area, the light pulse travels down to the root of the follicle where it is transformed into heat which effectively disables the hair.  Laser treatments are great for unwanted facial hair because it removes unwanted facial hair easily with effective results.

Whether you choose a temporary or a permanent method, with these options, Facial Hair Removal has never been easier.
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