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Pubic Shaving

Pubic Shaving is something that has increased in popularity for women and has become quite popular for men as well.  We all have areas of our face and body that grow unwanted hair.  There are many methods currently available to consumers that can help to remove this unwanted hair; it is up to each individual to find the method that works best.  Due to the sensitive nature of the pubic area, many men and women turn to shaving because it affords them the privacy needed to achieve desired hair removal results.

Shaving for Women

Women have many different options when it comes to removing hair from the pubic area.  Pubic Shaving is a very personal thing for many women, because each woman has a different approach to removing unwanted hair in this area.  Over the years, many different styles have been developed for hair in the bikini area and shaving affords women the ability to choose the style that best represents her.  Here are several common styles that women follow to achieve comfortable pubic area hair removal.

Bikini Line:  bikini line hair removal involves removing any hair in the pubic area that would show outside of the panty or bathing suit line.  Some women have hair that can spread out to the legs, down the inner thigh or up to the belly button, by shaving your bikini line, you achieve a smooth, hair free area that will have you looking and feeling great in a bikini.

Extended Bikini:  the extended bikini covers the bikini line area, but also takes of more hair inward.  Many women will take more hair off of the top, some will design a patch or what many call a ‘landing strip’  Extended bikini affords women to add a little style to their Pubic Shaving in order to create a personal look that is comfortable.

Brazilian Bikini:  the brazilian bikini style involves removing hair from the top as well as hair from underneath.  Shaving the sensitive area of the labia can be a difficult task for some, but using razors allows you to create a soft smooth appearance.  Oftentimes women will remove all of the hair in the bikini area for a smooth, hair free look.

Shaving for Men

While it is commonplace for women to remove hair from the pubic area, Pubic Shaving is quickly increasing in popularity for many men as well.  While hair removal was not usually something men thought about in the past, now more men are starting to care more about their overall appearance.  Because of this, men are searching for ways to combat unwanted pubic hair and shaving is a great alternative.  While many men will simply remove excess hair from the lower abdominal area, others will completely remove all pubic area hair.  Removing hair in the pubic area is all based on personal preference; everyone does it a little bit different.


Whether man or woman, Pubic Shaving is a great way to remove unwanted pubic hair quickly, safely and with smooth, hair free results.

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