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Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing is a term primarily used for the removal of hair by waxing the bikini area.  While women can get a bikini line wax, most opt for the full brazilian. The bikini line area exposed by a bikini bathing suit is the top of the legs, the area below the naval and the pubic hair visible beyond the boundaries of the typical bikini style panty for women, but the brazilian covers all the hair not exposed as well.   The twentieth century found changes in fashions and styles, as bathing suits progressed, they covered less and less. Nowadays, in order to wear a bikini, women have to be groomed therefore the unsightly hair around the area had to be removed.

Waxing vs. Other Methods

There are many forms of hair removal that can be utilized to remove hair in the bikini area, while they all have their pros and cons, waxing, in one way or another holds an advantage over all of them.

Shaving: shaving is the first and oldest hair removal method used to remove hair from the bikini area, but shaving doesn’t hold a candle to wax.  Shaving merely removes hair from the surface of the skin, therefore hair would only remain gone for a few days, waxing leaves the bikini area smooth and hair free for weeks.

Tweezing: tweezing is another temporary form of hair removal that can be used to remove unwanted hair, but it is rarely used for an area as large as the bikini area.  Tweezing is great to clean up errant strands of hair, but having to remove bikini area hair one at a time can be very time consuming and very painful.  Brazilian Waxing is definitely a time saver.

Electrolysis:  electrolysis is a safe method of bikini area hair removal but is viewed with skepticism because of the sensitivity of the skin in the pubic area and the amount of time the procedure takes to complete.  Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal, but like tweezing, each hair follicle must be treated individually.  This means that treatments are very extensive and can take years to complete.

Laser Hair Removal:  laser hair removal is a very fast way to remove unwanted hair with permanent results, but the price is something that not all individuals can afford.  For those looking for a relatively inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair, Brazilian Waxing is viewed as the best method for removing bikini hair for an extended period of time without hurting your wallet.

The Benefits

Brazilian Waxing helps to remove a great deal of hair in a short amount of time. Wax is spread over the treated area and cloth strips are then applied.  When the cloth strip is removed, all of the hair in the area is taken with it.  Getting a bikini wax takes mere minutes and provides men and women with lasting results.  While this method is only temporary, it is the method that will give you the longest results.  Instead of worrying about hair re-growth, men and women can enjoy their hair free skin for weeks.  Waxing is an affordable way to stay smooth and hair free.

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