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Male Pubic Hair Removal

As the hair removal revolution continues to gain momentum, more and more men are looking into Male Pubic Hair Removal.  While hair removal is largely seen as female oriented, more and more men are removing unwanted hair for a fresh, clean appearance.  Men remove hair from many areas of the face and body, the most popular being the beard, back, chest, abs and bikini area.  Pubic hair removal has greatly increased in popularity and is not just performed by women anymore.  There are several methods of hair removal, both temporary and permanent, that men can utilized too safely and effectively remove hair from the pubic area.

Shaving:  shaving is almost always the first step taken when removing hair from any body area and Male Pubic Hair Removal holds no exception.  While shaving is easy and convenient, it can be quite a task when removing hair from the pubic area.  Shaving affords men the privacy of removing pubic hair in the comfort of their own home, but passing a razor over sensitive areas of the pubic region can be very difficult.  Hair is oftentimes in hard to reach places so it is difficult to always get a clean shave.  In addition, the sensitive skin in the pubic area is more prone to redness, irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Waxing:  waxing is another temporary alternative for removing hair in the pubic area but it too has its positives and negatives.  There are home wax kits that can be purchased, but removing hair in the pubic area can be very difficult to do on your own.  Visiting a salon takes away your privacy, but professionals are much more likely to remove all unwanted hair without any complications.  Waxing, while easy and convenient, can be quite painful, especially in a sensitive area like the male pubic area.

Electrolysis: electrolysis is another method that can be used for Male Pubic Hair Removal, and is the only method that is 100% permanent.  While temporary methods are, for the most part, easier and more convenient, one advantage of permanent methods is that the hair is removed for good; this can be a great thing for those men removing hair in the pubic area.  Electrolysis treats one hair follicle at a time using a surgical probe also called an epilator.  The epilator is inserted into each individual hair follicle where it then sends an electrical impulse to the root of the hair.  This pulse disables the hair follicle rendering it inactive.  The results: smooth, hair free results in the pubic area that last.

Laser Hair Removal: another form of permanent hair reduction that can help with Male Pubic Hair Removal.  Laser Hair Removal is a safe, effective treatment that is much faster than electrolysis and produces similar results.  When the laser is passed over the treatment area, light pulses penetrate through the outer layers of skin and are attracted to the hair follicles below.  This light energy is transferred into heat which effectively disables the unwanted hair follicles.  A series of treatments can effectively reduce and in some cases, completely eradicate all unwanted hair in any given area.

Depending on personal preference and desired results, any of these methods can help individuals to reduce unwanted hair in the pubic area both safely and effectively.

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