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Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing is one of the most popular areas for women to have waxed, and is increasing in popularity for men as well.  There are many forms of hair removal that can help to remove facial and body hair, depending on the area being treated, some are more advantageous than others.  When it comes to removing hair above, in between and below the eyebrows, waxing is by far the best choice.   While unwanted hair plagues many individuals, when it is on the body, it is easily hidden.  When unwanted hair is on the face, it can oftentimes make or break a first impression with someone.  Why worry about unwanted hair on your face when waxing can easily take care of it.  Eyebrow Waxing is a fantastic way to remove unwanted hair with confidence.

Waxing vs. Other Hair Removal Methods

When it comes to Eyebrow Waxing, some individuals love it and some individuals hate it.  There are many forms of hair removal available to consumers, so everyone is bound to find one that works for them.  However, before making the decision to stick with your favorite, consider the fact that the unique nature of the eyebrows may make waxing a better alternative.  Here is a comparison of other forms of hair removal to waxing.

Shaving:  while shaving is a fantastic form of temporary hair removal, it is not a hair removal method that should be used to shape and remove eyebrow hair.  Razors are very good for removing hair from larger areas, but when it comes to eyebrows, a razor is simply too big and too hard to manage.  Eyebrows have a very distinct shape and its difficult to curve a razor to follow the eyebrow line.  Getting professional Eyebrow Waxing allows individuals the ability to choose the exact shape of the eyebrow.  The small instruments used to guide the wax onto the area allow for detailed precision when removing unwanted hair.

Electrolysis:  electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal and actually works quite well for the eyebrow area.  Electrolysis treats one hair at a time, but since the eyebrows are such a small area, treatments are relatively quick.  Because the epilator treats each hair individually, the precision to shape the eyebrows properly is there.  However, this treatment is a weakening process. Therefore, several treatments will be needed to completely remove all unwanted eyebrow hair; treatments could take months or even years to complete.

Laser Hair Removal:  laser hair removal is a revolutionary new way to remove unwanted hair, but when it comes to eyebrow hair removal, it simply can’t be done.  When treating eyebrow hair, there are three distinct areas: above the brow, between the brow (the glabella) and below the brow.  Laser can safely treat above the brow and between the brow, but clinics will not perform treatments below the eyebrow.  This would bring the laser too close to the eye.  Because of this, Eyebrow Waxing is a better alternative; individuals can remove all eyebrow hair with wax.

There are many hair removal treatments available to consumers, and many areas to treat; depending on the area, some hair removal treatments simply work better than others.  For eyebrow hair removal that is quick, easy and inexpensive, think Eyebrow Waxing.

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