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Male Hair Removal

There are many options open to men when it comes to Male Hair Removal. Times are changing and more and more men realize that looking their best is something that should become part of their daily routine. The more traditional forms of hair removal such as shaving and waxing are still widely popular; however, there are a number of lesser-known solutions for men when it comes to hair removal.

While hair can be removed from any area on the face or body, there area areas for men that are more popular for Male Hair Removal.  Men most often remove hair from their beard, back, chest, abs and bikini area.  These five areas are all very treatable and there are several methods both temporary and permanent that can help men achieve the hair free look they desire.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Traditionally, hair removal for men simply involved shaving unwanted beard hair (and some men didn’t even do that).  As times, styles and trends have changed, body hair has become socially unacceptable and because of this, many men are starting to remove hair from other areas of their body.  The two most widely used temporary hair removal methods for Male Hair Removal are shaving and waxing.

Shaving – shaving is a great method for men looking to remove hair from areas like the chest, abs and pubic region, but shaving can prove to be quite difficult for those men looking to remove back and neck hair.  If you have someone to help you, then shaving is a great way to remove unwanted hair fast, but for those that go at it alone, there may be easier alternatives.

Waxing – waxing is a very convenient method for those men looking to remove their unwanted hair for a lasting period of time.  Shaving removes hair quickly and easily, but results only last for a few days.  With waxing, men can remove hair from any area of the body and enjoy the hair free results for weeks.  Waxing is also more convenient for the harder to reach areas like the back and the back of neck.

Longer Lasting Hair Removal Solutions

While temporary methods afford men the ability to remove hair quickly, they don’t provide long lasting results.  Many men are searching for alternatives that will help them remove unwanted hair and enjoy results for a longer period of time.  With permanent hair removal, men can enjoy the lasting benefits that these procedures provide. 

Electrolysis:  depending on the area being treated, electrolysis can be a very effective form of permanent hair removal.  Electrolysis treats each hair follicle one at a time, so while this procedure can get permanent results, treatments can take an extensive amount of time to complete.  Smaller areas like the beard and neck are easier to treat whereas larger areas like the back can take hours for each individual treatment.

Laser Hair Removal:  laser hair removal is quickly increasing in popularity for Male Hair Removal.  The laser treatment is a more permanent solution and men can benefit from it in a number of ways. Saving time, energy and money are just three ways in which this treatment can change the way you remove unwanted hair.  In addition, having a smooth, hair free appearance any time is another great perk.

With many men’s busy lifestyles, any time saved is as good as money saved. Whether removing hair temporarily, or going the more permanent route, any time saved to be better spent on other daily activities will help you to live a better hair free life.

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