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Laser Hair Removal Rochester New York

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Laser Hair Removal Rochester

You want to do something about that ugly hair growth on your face and have tried other techniques only to be disappointed once again in old outdated procedures. It is not your fault that you have hair growth on your face. It is also not your fault that old techniques can’t do what you need them to do. With more than 22% of the women in Rochester, New York in the same situation with facial hair; you should feel somewhat better knowing that you have a lot of company with your problem. So what can you do to get rid of this ugly hair growth? Come into meet with the professionals at Laser Hair Removal in Rochester and we will show you a safe easy way to permanently remove that ugly hair.

When you arrive for a consult with our professionally staff, you will be given all the information you need to make your upcoming visit as pleasant and quick as possible. The staff as Laser Hair Removal in Rochester has been certified on all of our lasers and has the experience to match the training. This will ensure a comprehensive procedure will be done on your facial area. Our equipment is state of the art technology that is the latest lasers on the market. Our expertise in the field allows us to treat many people with varying skin and hair colors successfully.

The day before your visit the technician will ask you to shave the area. Shaving allows for optimal laser function and will decrease the amount of time you need to spend under the laser. Most people need about five sessions to get their treatment area completed but some are done in as little as three sessions. Session times vary with size of the area being treated. Many areas on the face in done in a few minutes like the chin and some are even done in under a minute such as the upper lip.

During the procedure you will wear protective glasses and the laser will inhibit the growth of hair by shutting down the follicles for good. The laser will cover at least a 9x9mm area and some cover larger areas. The lasers work very quickly over the area as you can tell by treatment times above. There are no bad side effects and no bandages, incisions or messy clean up afterwards. You do however end with smoother silkier skin in the treatment area as the laser increases the skins production of collagen- a natural skin enhancer.

After the initial procedure the treatment area will lose about one fifth of the hair. Most of the hair will be lost from days ten to twenty. Any follow up treatments are scheduled four to six weeks apart. So you can be assured that you will be permanently hair free within six months time. So take the next step to remove that unwanted facial hair permanently by calling for an appointment or a consultation and get younger looking skin in return.

Laser Hair Removal Providers in Rochester, New York.

Pittsford Laser Spa
3300 Monroe Ave, Suite 201
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: 585-794-5541
Website: Pittsford Laser Spa Contact Us

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