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Laser Hair Removal New York City New York

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Laser Hair Removal New York City

The one thing that sets our clinic for Laser Hair Removal in New York City New York apart from other treatment centers in the area is the fact that we personalize treatments for each and every client.  When devising laser treatment protocols, you can’t administer the same treatment for each client.  This is why we take several factors into account, the most important being each patient’s skin type and hair color.  Laser settings can be adjusted according to the specific genetic characteristics of each potential patient; by creating individualized protocols, we can guarantee a safe and effective laser treatment each and every time our clients visit.

During each Laser Hair Removal treatment at our New York City clinic, the laser light is attracted to the pigment found within each hair follicle; this is why patients with lighter hair colors such as blonde, white, gray or red hair will not see effective laser results.  In addition, when Laser Hair Removal was first introduced to the aesthetic market over ten years ago, those with very dark skin colors we’re unable to undergo the procedure because the laser could not distinguish between hair color and skin color.  However, several advances in laser technology have changed this, and now, our Laser Hair Removal New York City, NY clinic can treat patients with any skin type, ranging from light to dark, with fantastic results.

Laser Hair Removal in New York City is an effective treatment for both men and women; just about any area of the face or body that is covered by hair can be treated with our laser treatment. While the most commonly treated areas include the full face, chin, upper lip, neck, arms, underarms, back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, pubic area, buttocks and legs, just about any other are of the face and body can be treated.  At our New York City clinic, we break down the body into separate individual areas in order to make treatments more specific.  Visit our reputable clinic for your free laser consult and we can help you to determine exactly what areas you need to have treated.  There’s no better time to be hair free; visit our New York City clinic today!

Laser Hair Removal Providers in New York City, New York.

Laser Hair Removal USA, Ltd.
109 West 38th Street, Suite 401
New York, New York 10018
Phone: 212.719.3887
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