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Laser Hair Removal Fairfax Virginia

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Laser Hair Removal Fairfax

Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax Virginia is easier and more convenient than ever before.  For those area residents who find themselves constantly struggling with embarrassing unwanted hair and are looking for a convenient way to remove it once and for all, then laser treatments at our Fairfax clinic may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Visit our center today to set up your free and confidential consultation with one of our certified technicians, a laser consult will give you the opportunity to meet our staff, take a tour of our facility and ask questions you may have about the Laser Hair Removal process and how it works.

Once you’ve undergone your first laser treatment at our reputable center, there are a few things you should expect.  It is important to remember that Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA is not a ‘one treatment and you’re done’ type of procedure.  During the process, our laser technicians are targeting hairs within the specified area that are currently in the active growth stage.  All facial and body hair has three different stages of growth, and can only be effectively destroyed by laser treatments when in the active growth phase.  Therefore, a series of treatments will need to be undergone in order to target all treatment area hairs in the active growth stage; this is the only way patients will see effective hair reduction results.

While we suggest six treatments for Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, the procedure is not an exact science, so some men and women may need more and some may need less.  The hair growth rate for any given area of the body relies on several factors, the most influential of which is hormones.  Hormonal changes can trigger once dormant hairs to sudden start growing, so while you may have been smooth and hair free at one point in time, after hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause or other medical hormonal imbalances, you may start to see growth where you once had none.  Learn more about the Laser Hair Removal procedure, by visiting our Fairfax clinic today.

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Reveal Fairfax Corner
4211 Fairfax Corner East Avenue
Suite 220
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 240.514.2220
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