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Laser Hair Removal Albany New York

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Laser Hair Removal Albany

Living in Albany, New York doesn’t really guarantee you a lot with the exception that you know that the state budget will not be on time this year and nobody wants to take responsibility for what is going on. It is really no different with unwanted hair. Who wants to admit that there is problem with unnatural hair growth on their body? Then admit it to someone who isn’t in your immediate family. It is very tough but we want you to become part of our family at Laser Hair Removal in Albany. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and experience to help you be one less number on the list of people in Albany, New York suffering with unnatural hair growth. On top of the fact that there is really no risk involved because we offer a two year guarantee.

Our guarantee will state that if you are unhappy with your Laser Removal treatment area, than at any time up to two years from your last treatment you can come back in and have the area treated again for free. Try getting a deal like that regarding the state budget passing on time or from any other hair removal salon in Albany. Chances are that you won’t find a better guarantee anywhere.

Lasers are the latest technology to be approved by the federal government for hair removal in 1998. Since then we can now treat more people with a variety of skin or hair colors. All of our staff is certified to use the lasers as well.

One great thing you didn’t know about Laser Hair Removal in Albany, New York is the awesome side effect of tremendous looking skin when your treatment is completed. The skin reacts to the laser treatment by increasing the production of collagen. The chemical collagen gives skin a silky smoother look. So you not only lose the unwanted hair you get great firmer skin too!

The lasers work on a noninvasive level, meaning it doesn’t cut, nick or make any incisions on your body. That also means there are no adverse side effects so you can resume normal activity after your treatment ends. Most sessions last ten to fifteen minutes some are longer depending on the size of the treatment area. On average, most clients need between three and eight sessions for a completed area. Around 20% of the hair falls out from the first session, mostly between days ten and twenty. All appointments are scheduled about a month apart.

Getting ready for an appointment is really easy to do. You will need to shave the treatment area one day before the sessions. This allows for the laser to work at its best. Things to avoid six weeks before any laser treatment would be waxing or tweezing. This has the opposite effect of shaving. The skin on the treatment area should be out of the sun and you should avoid tanning as well. Both of these can cause a skin color change. Most cases it reverses back to its old color but some rare cases it became permanent.

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